Product Details

  • LiveCastPro 200/300

    LiveCastPro 200/300

  • Client: Google
  • Date:5/21/2015
Mobile Video Uplink
Mobile Video Contribution & Distribution Over 4G/3G/Wi-Fi/Ethernet


LiveCastPro transmitting system is the most advanced and highly efficient mobile video contribution platform. With Caton leading R2TP technology,  LiveCastPro help broadcasters and other video professionals to achieve high quality mobile video capturing and delivering over the Open Internet via 4G/3G telecom network, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Integrated with Caton latest F2TP technology, LiveCastPro support fast file delivery that hundreds of times faster than traditional FTP, helping journalists to send back report material at soonest.

The LiveCastPro ecosystem consists of three parts——
       Mobile video encoder & transmitter: LiveCastPro 300/200
       Open Internet Relay Server
       LiveCastPro receiver: IVP-3000 Decoder

The ecosystem provide a complete solution for mobile video contribution over public network.

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