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  • NVP903 - H.264 HD Network Encoder

    NVP903 - H.264 HD Network Encoder

  • Client: Google
  • Date:5/23/2016
Network Video Streaming
Portable Video Live Streaming & Video Delivery Over Open Internet


NVP are network video encoder and decoder series, which are specialized for high definition real-time video streaming applications. It provides flexible streaming for low-bandwidth transmission applications using H.264 video and AAC audio encoding, supporting FLV over RTMP streaming output, thus seamlessly connecting to streaming media server. The third generation NVP series encoder – NVP-903, support 3 encoding streams output for multi-screen application. Moreover, NVP-903 integrates H.264 decoding functions with HDMI output, to form a versatile media delivery solution over IP network.

Integrated with Caton leading R2TP technology, NVP-903 and NVP decoders can also realize high quality live video contribution and distribution over Open Internet.

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