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Caton is an industry leader in next-generation IP network transport solutions that achieve optimal business value for our customers. Our head office is in Singapore, with regional offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

We embrace a culture of being trustworthy, determined and positively disruptive. We have proven time and again that we are thoroughly committed to the success of our customers.

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The Caton Story

The Internet is a staple part of modern life, connecting people across the globe in ways that were unimaginable to previous generations. We use it to communicate, to work, to play and to improve our lives. But for all its utility, the Internet still presents key challenges for businesses looking to broadcast and distribute high quality, low latency video at scale. This is a direct result of limitations inherent to present-day internet protocols.

Overcoming this limitation is a key part of the Caton Technology story.

So how did we do it?

We invested over US$10M and 40,000 of R&D hours — developing Caton Transport Protocols (CTP). CTP comprises our key technologies that assure a high level of stability, quality and security for video, media and other data transmission. With over 30 algorithms in-built, CTP leverages deep learning approaches that work to smooth and mitigate network challenges, ensuring exceptional quality viewing experience on the highest available connections. 

Today, Caton Technology is a leader in next-generation IP network transport solutions. We are growing rapidly and find ourselves tasked with enabling real-time high-quality interactions for partners and solutions in multiple industries and workflow applications.

Our Leadership

Ray Huang
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ray Huang

Ray founded Caton in 1997 focused on developing new technologies and solutions for the video and broadcast industries. With over 20 years of international sales and management experiences in cutting edge technologies, professional video and broadcasting workflow, Ray leads Caton to continually innovate and build breakthrough technologies and solutions for tomorrow's markets.

Gerald Wong
Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Gerald Wong

Gerald is passionate about value creation and leadership, with over 20 years of experience leading sales, partnerships, business development, consulting and professional services in technology companies across the Asia Pacific. Gerald has held several senior management positions including General Manager at Cisco Systems and Head of Strategic Business & Outsourcing at BT Global Services.

Michael Yang
Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Michael Yang

Michael is responsible for all initiatives and decisions driving the overall growth and direction of the company. His career covers a wide spectrum from R&D, Business Development to M&A, from start-ups to large corporations. His initial foray into the broadcast industry was as the CTO of China DBStar, which was the first Direct-to-Home satellite broadcast operation in China. His most recent role was as the Group VP for China Communication Technology Co. Ltd. 

Jeffery Du
Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & China Operations

Jeffery Du

Jeffery has led the China development and engineering teams for over 15 years at Caton.  His extensive knowledge of Caton's technologies and products allows Jeffery to develop new integrations for broadcast-quality video transmission and managed file transfer challenges, meeting and exceeding our client's expectations.

Chandler Wang
Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Chandler Wang

The creator of Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), Chandler leads Caton's engineering team in developing new technologies and products for the fast-moving Internet data market.

Sylain Deslandes
Vice President, Finance

Sylvain Deslandes

Sylvain helps Caton understand the numbers and safeguard the company’s bottom line. With prior experience in mergers & acquisitions, finance transformation and leadership, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Sylvain is passionate about media & technology, as well as building tools that enhance planning, reporting and analysis. Sylvain started his career as an investment banker in London, before working for EY and KPMG in Singapore. In his previous role, he was the Asia CFO for NEP, a global leader in outside broadcast services owned by The Carlyle Group.

Karl So
Vice President, Product Management

Karl So

With over 18 years of experience in the leading technologies, filming, broadcasts, post and production industries, Karl has successfully directed teams to stay at the forefront of technological innovations. Karl led teams at Apple Asia serving technical and business development for 10 years and at Pacific Portals representing AJA Video Systems for 7 years.

Georgiana Verdonk-Sim
Director, Marketing

Georgiana Verdonk-Sim

Georgiana excels at building brands and businesses and is responsible for planning, implementing and directing Caton’s marketing strategy. Prior to joining Caton, she served as General Manager of a boutique digital marketing agency and developed the Asia client portfolio into a thriving business hub. Georgiana began her career at Motorola and spent more than 16 years honing her craft in global go-to-market strategy, leading various marketing organizations across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

Vendy Kwok
Director, Operations

Vendy Kwok

As Director of Operations & Administration, Vendy is responsible for providing shared services and infrastructure to achieve operational excellence for various functions in Caton. Her career spans over 20 years in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Products & Solutions, Channels & Distribution, Business Planning and Operations at Fortune 500 IT companies such as PCCW, AT&T, HP, IBM and Cisco. With such experience, Vendy brings rich and substantive experience in her role of driving process efficiency and improving productivity across the company.

Caton Technology, a member of Pasaca Capital Portfolio Companies


Headquartered in Pasadena, CA, US, Pasaca Capital Inc. is an evergreen private equity investment firm focused on innovative technologies and products that benefit the world. With a focus on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, TMT, industrial & automation, and food ingredient sectors, Pasaca Capital seeks to improve the human condition globally. 

Describing Pasaca Capital's decision to invest in Caton Technology, Sean Rogers, CEO explained the following:

“With the increasing demand for high-quality real-time video transmissions and large file transfers, we are excited to invest in Caton and help bring its innovative technology to its fullest potential. We are also pleased to welcome Caton as one of Pasaca’s portfolio companies and be part of our solution to serve digitalization needs across a growing number of industries and geographies."

Pasaca portfolio companies operate in Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, and North America. Portfolio companies include Innova Medical Group Inc, Sweegen Inc, Meepo Inc., ATL Group Ltd, ASOCS, Caton Technology and others.

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