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ArkHub is the merger of state-of-the-art storage technology from HPE Scality with their Apollo 4000 intelligent data storage and Caton’s Cydex file transfer service.


Caton Relay Server Gateways

Transmission Gateway and Management

Deploy and manage complex video with Caton Relay Server 

Caton Relay Server is a TS streams management platform that manages your input streams and relays them seamlessly to multiple locations and devices, while monitoring the status of the stream transport. 

Supporting major industry standards protocols (including CTP and SRT) and with native support for Caton Video Platform, the Caton Relay Server is designed to handle complicated video routing, real-time status, built-in TS analyzers, and stream-level monitoring alert that provides constant information about bandwidth, jitter, up-time and connection status for network operators. 


Caton Relay Server

Caton Relay server

Cloud or Hosted
On Premise, Cloud or Hosted
Real-time streaming
Real-time streaming status
Monitoring and management

Key Features


  • Protocol Translation Hub:

Caton Relay Server supports industry-standard protocols such as UDP, HTTP, and RTMP and can transcode across protocols to make your video workflow easy.

  • Dedicated Stream Key:

Protect your video transmission over CTP with data encapsulation and AES encryption, even for transmission between Relay Servers. For an added layer of security, stream keys can also be set for designated stream receivers only.

  • Stream Recording:

Supports individual stream recording of original streamed data without retouching, as well as rollover capability for recorded file management. 

  • Format Independent:

Manage video contribution and distribution with mixed video streams of 4K, HD, SD and beyond.

  • Simple Management:

Deploy and manage complex video contribution through a simple management interface. Control your video network remotely with built-in web controls.

  • Manage and Monitor:

Keep track of key parameters including bandwidth, jitter, up-time and connection status while handling complicated video routing. Caton Relay Server gives peace of mind to your video contribution solutions.



Powered by CTP for superior video transmission

Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise of our IP transmission technologies that assures stability, quality, and security for video, media, and other data transmissions. With over 30 in-built algorithms, CTP leverages machine and deep learning approaches that work to smooth and mitigate network challenges. This is coupled with our patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

With our Gateway application, CTP facilitate reliable cross-border and cross-continent contribution and distribution. 

Contact a Caton specialist to learn how you can leverage CTP in your organization.

Gateways in action

Secure and reliable video transmission

Reliable video transmission across local and international lines, using Caton hardware, software and CVP.

Connect IP - Video Transmission
Secure and reliable video transmission

Reliable video transmission across local and international lines, using Caton hardware, software and CVP.

Connect IP - Video Transmission
Mobile Live Streaming & Live Interviews

Create content using your mobile, to publish anywhere in the world or create interview content using a camera, with professional broadcast-grade live publishing to anywhere in the world.

Mobile Live Streaming & Live Interviews
Remote Production

Contribute and deliver a synchronized signal to a station MCR or studio for high quality video production.

Remote Production
OTT & Social Media Delivery

Upload your video signal to social media easily — at any time, in any format. 

OTT and Social Media

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