CatonNet Video Platform (CVP)

High quality, real-time video transport over any IP network
CatonNet Video Platform (CVP) is designed as a high availability, ultra-low latency and secure service that dynamically transports and receives videos locally, regionally and globally. The video is transmitted and received with real-time visibility without compromising quality, security or speed. 

With broad coverage of point of presence (PoP) in over 60 countries worldwide, this fully managed end-to-end service delivers superior video with up to 99.999% stream availability. All while enjoying significant cost savings compared to traditional network services. 

CVP is powered by Caton Transport Protocol (CTP), an industry-leading protocol that mitigates network challenges by recovering data loss of up to 50%. The continuous pursuit of quality, stability and speed has spurred the development of Multipathing to strengthen the architecture of PoP network. 

The intelligence of this advanced technology, with traffic-shaping capabilities, enhances the resilience of each transmission. It ensures that the most optimal route is automatically selected even in the most challenging network conditions, delivering the highest transmission quality. The multipathing feature also allows users to customize and prioritize different paths for different streams based on various needs to achieve the most efficient workflows and cost savings.
Caton Transport Protocol Recovery
Caton Transport Protocol Recovery

50% sustained packet loss, with 600 milliseconds of latency

CatonNet Video Platform - Customer Expererience
Customer Experience

Transmit over 300 Mbps in a single stream

CatonNet Presence - Global Reach
CatonNet presence

90% global reach

Key Features of CVP

Powered by Caton Transport Protocols (CTP)
Powered by Caton Transport Protocols (CTP)

Leveraging CTP, all transmissions through CVP are assured of high quality, performance, and reliability. Network challenges are seamlessly mitigated with CTP’s proprietary technologies, such as dynamic error correction, dynamic overhead, and built-in intelligent bandwidth optimization strategy. 


CatonNet Video Platform - High network availability
High network availability 

Real-time connectivity over multiple paths from the source to the destination, increases resilience exponentially and availability. 

CatonNet Video Platform - Enhance cost-effectiveness and reduces manpower
Enhance cost-effectiveness and reduces manpower  

CTP multipathing intelligently selects the optimal routes in real-time, providing higher assurance and bandwidth efficiency. Based on CTP’s machine learning and TS analysis, traffic can migrate and revert within the multiple networks automatically and lower operation support required internally and externally. 

CatonNet Video Platform - Flexible Deployment
Flexible Deployment

Enjoy the benefits of CVP through a set-up that fits your organization’s needs most - Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid or CatonNet-as-a-Service (CaaS). CTP provides usage flexibility and scalability, while simultaneously ensuring a resilient and highly available end-to-end network for all transmission needs. 

CatonNet Video Platform - Scalability and Extensive Coverage
Scalability and Extensive Coverage 

CVP is a highly scalable platform. Whether you want to transmit 8K or SD, mixed or single streams, there is no limit to your transmission capability. With over 60 globally distributed gateways, our platform  provides the widest reach to a regional or global audience.

CatonNet Video Platform - Assurance and Monitoring
Assurance and Monitoring

Our core platform is designed to ensure high availability, with its stream, network and infrastructure closely monitored by our Network Operation Centre (NOC) for active incident investigation and recovery. Caton provides end-to-end Managed Services that promise a 99.999% stream availability.

CatonNet Video Platform - Flexible Services
Flexible Services

The CVP mesh architecture allows you to transmit and receive from anywhere, with minimal set-up needed. Whether you need to replicate unicast streams or send multicast streams, our services are flexible enough to accommodate your transmission requirements. 

CatonNet Video Platform - Easy Connection
Easy Connection (Interoperable with major industry protocols)

CVP uses industry standards, so integrating your existing hardware, software applications, and platforms is quick and simple. In addition to Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), CVP can send and receive using SRT, RTMP-pull, RTMP-push, HLS, HTTP, RTP, RTSP, TCP and UDP. 

CatonNet Video Platform - Value Added Services
Value Added Services

CVP offers optional services such as protocol conversion, linear transcoding, ABR transcoding, transrating, watermarking, muxing/demuxing, multicasting, OTT integration, and managed fast file transfer.

Caton Solutions and CVP
Caton Solutions and CVP

All Caton video processors and software applications are pre-integrated with CTP and equipped with native support for CVP. CVP's easy deployment allows its users to turn on the service swiftly and start leveraging Caton's feature-packed and always-ready network for all transmission needs. 

CatonNet Video Platform - Security is paramount
Security is Paramount

CVP boasts a multi-layer security architecture. The video stream and data are encapsulated by CTP proprietary technologies, with optional AES 128 or 256 encryption.

What our clients are saying

“We are delivering powerful live viewing performances to the world and have been looking to replace our satellite and dedicated fibre transmissions for UHD and HD live concerts. CatonNet managed network services was selected to connect our playout in Japan to multiple operators in each country. Our content providers and rights holders expect the highest quality and experience.  Caton has excelled in all aspects and have become a trusted partner for our business.”

Sato Sadanori, President – Japanese Content Distributor

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