Caton Media XStream

A Groundbreaking Cloud-Native Service Delivering Exceptional IP Transmissions with AI-Driven Precision
Caton Media XStream stands at the forefront of innovation as a cloud-native service, harnessing the power of AI-based intelligent routing, auto recovery and real-time sensing to ensure crystal-clear IP transmissions with extreme reliability over the public internet.

Anchored by the robust Caton Cloud network, this trailblazing content delivery service guarantees an unparalleled eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) for real-time streaming, expertly mitigating any risks of failure during IP broadcast streams over the public internet.

Perfectly tailored for live sporting events, captivating live performances, and immersive interactive experiences in the metaverse, Media XStream is the ultimate solution for broadcasters and content providers seeking a seamless, cutting-edge streaming experience that transcends expectations.

Caton Media XStream

Revolutionising Broadcast IP Transmission

AI-Driven Extreme Reliability

AI-Driven Extreme Reliability

>99.9999% SLA Guarantee with AI-Based Traffic Management
Cloud or On-premise

Effortless Scalability

Native Cloud Architecture for Highly Scalable Solutions

Operational Efficiency

Operational  Efficiency

24 x 7 Fully Managed Service with Seamless Integration, Reducing Complexity

Global Business Expansion

Global Business Expansion

Global Coverage with High-Security Capability

Distributed Cloud Technology

A Cloud Like No Other

Driven by Caton Cloud, Media XStream harnesses globally-distributed, efficient connectivity. Utilising Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide, Caton Cloud offers scalable, high-performing network infrastructure.

Caton Media XStream - AI-Powered IP Broadcasting

Redefining Internet Limitations

Caton Cloud uses AI-intelligent routing to combat the unpredictability of the public internet; e.g. bandwidth variability, service discontinuities, and signal disruptions, ensuring error-free transmissions.

Caton Media XStream - Meshed Architecture and AI

Meshed Architecture and AI

With our fully meshed, software-defined architecture, every PoP connects with all others. AI traffic engineering optimises routing options, rerouting traffic swiftly within 20 milliseconds should any performance issue arise.

Caton Media XStream - Proactive and Reactive Network Management

Proactive and Reactive Network Management

Media XStream takes a two-tiered approach to managing network congestion. It proactively uses historic and current data to avoid problematic nodes and links, and reactively adapts during transmission to switch to the optimal route when necessary. Experience smooth, uninterrupted transmission across the unpredictable open internet.

Caton Media XStream - Global Connectivity and Ease of Use

Global Connectivity and Ease of Use

Reliably establish links from any location to any other, with over 99.9999% availability. Media XStream is user-friendly, fully automatic, and requires no engineering support. With available APIs and hardware, it integrates seamlessly into your systems.

Elevate Content Delivery with Caton and AWS

Elevate Content Delivery with Caton and AWS

Leveraging AWS global infrastructure to provide high-quality connectivity with extreme reliability and lower cost.

Enabling Error Free Delivery with AI-based intelligent routing, auto-recovery and real-time sensing.

Powered by the Caton Cloud network, the capabilities of this content delivery service guarantee a high eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) of real-time streaming by mitigating all potential risk of failures during an IP broadcast stream over the public internet, making this the media delivery solution trusted by broadcasters worldwide to distribute picture perfect and error-free broadcast-grade content.

What our clients are saying

Caton Technology’s Media XStream has revolutionized our broadcasting operations. Its intelligent, globally-distributed architecture offer us unmatched flexibility and efficiency, overcoming internet limitations effortlessly. Leveraging its AI capabilities, we’ve achieved uninterrupted, broadcast-grade streams with incredible reliability. Media Xstream has profoundly improved our viewer’s experiences with its zero-error, high-quality video. It’s a true game-changer for any content provider seeking the next level in IP transmission.
Wei Yonghao, Manager of Technical Department
China International Communications Co., Ltd. (CICC)
Caton Media XStream - Join the XStream Revolution

Join the XStream Revolution

Used by major media enterprises, Media XStream is reshaping IP architectures and enhancing viewer experience through stable, high-quality video.

Discover how Media XStream can propel your offerings into the future of broadcast IP transmissions.