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Whether you’re broadcasting news, cinema, eSports or variety shows, one thing is certain: today’s viewers expect only the best quality media experience. And they have every right to -- after all, the biggest entertainment companies in the world are now competing with grassroots content creators armed with nothing more than their phone and a creative vision.

To captivate the hearts and minds of their viewers, broadcasters need technology that ticks all the right boxes: cost-effective, secure, easy to manage, and capable of delivering HD and UHD video to a global audience.

Read our article; Sencore launches Caton Transport Protocols module. If you want to find out why broadcasters are turning to IP connectivity to balance cost and quality, read this article.


You need reliable transmission of high quality video to wherever your viewers are, up to and beyond Ultra High Definition.


The best video quality is worthless if it’s unaffordable. Your solution needs to be cost-effective and deliver tangible value. 


In broadcasting, there’s no room for error. Your technology solution partner should manage and mitigate issues before they arise.

We have that technology, with solutions tailor made for top players in the broadcasting industry.


CTP: the technology that makes it possible

Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise our IP transmission technologies that assure stability, high quality and security for video, media and other data transmissions. 

Today, broadcasters use CTP to overcome the three biggest issues facing networking today: bandwidth, jitter & latency, and packet loss.

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Broadcast from Taiwan to Singapore

Broadcast from Taiwan to Singapore

Caton Technology facilitated the distribution of news media channels across the Asia-Pacific region. Being confident in the performance and reliability of our solution, the SLA included 99.9% availability to operators.

Broadcast and Media Industry - Concert Distribution

Concert Distribution

As a leader in the digital entertainment space, a Japanese content distributor needed a technology partner they could trust with international broadcasting at scale. Caton rose to the challenge by enabling the distribution of high definition media to 9 countries and 28 cinemas. 

Broadcast and Media Industry - CJ Powercast


Caton assisted South Korean media company CJ E&M with the distribution of three HD channels to satellite providers. Each channel was transmitted up to 8Mbps, with audio data for multiple languages and subtitles. All hardware, networks and services were provided by Caton, with a 99.99% stream SLA.

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