Caton Transport Protocols (CTP)

Welcome to the future of video and data transmission


Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise of our IP transmission technologies that assures stability, quality, and security for video, media, and other data transmissions. With over 30 in-built algorithms, CTP leverages machine and deep learning approaches that work to smooth and mitigate network challenges. This is coupled with our patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

Our customers use CTP to enable high quality, low latency live video to be distributed at scale over any IP network, making it the ideal technology for live streaming of high value content where quality, security and real connections matter. Beyond video, enterprises and service providers are leveraging CTP for fast file and data transfer, enjoying accelerated transmission speeds that are significantly faster than traditional solutions.


Key Features of CTP

Sturdy and Reliable

CTP seamlessly adapts to challenges caused by jitter and congestion in the network, by employing patented dynamic error correction and over-head, with built-in intelligent bandwidth optimisation strategy.

AI Optimisation
AI Optimisation

Powered by more than 30 algorithms and deep learning approaches, CTP ensures an exceptional viewing experience despite challenging network conditions.

Unlimited stream monitoring
Constant, Variable and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

CTP ensures an optimal viewing experience by efficiently delivering high-quality video even in the harshest of network bandwidth environments, such as rural areas or overcrowded metros.

Connect IP
Content & Network Agnostic

As CTP transports all forms and sizes of content over any IP network, the technology is scalable for your business needs as they evolve.

CatonLink Support

You can integrate CTP into existing networks to enjoy cost savings while extending services.


CTP encapsulates its data and encrypts the end-to-end connection with AES-128 and AES-256 encryption technologies. For an added layer of security, designated devices can also be assigned for specified whitelisted connections.

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