Live Streaming for Houses of Worship

Engage and uplift your congregation in virtual worship with professional quality, cost-effective live streaming and broadcast solutions
Sharing a timeless message with a modern audience

Technology and the Internet have changed and empowered every facet of modern life, including how we practice our faith and congregate with our peers. 

As institutions carrying strong tradition and historical precedence, Houses of Worship are a unique meeting point between ancient wisdom and modern technology. To ensure technology is being used most effectively, places of worship may consider the following:

What’s the best way to reach your existing congregations for regular services?
Can you attract and engage new worshippers, especially in times of crisis?
Are you able to offer counselling services to all congregants in need?
Can you maintain training for new and existing leaders?
How can you provide social outreach to local congregants and those around the world?
Are you developing and maintaining training processes for new and existing leaders?

Thankfully, Houses of Worship across the globe can leverage technological innovations to reach new people and deliver a more inclusive, engaging and relevant experience to modern followers — and Caton Technology can help.


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Caton’s House of Worship solutions solve these issues by:
Allowing The Replacement Of Existing Systems

Allowing the replacement of existing systems that rely on unreliable enterprise solutions, such as Zoom and Webex, with professional broadcast systems, while maintaining low cost.

Allowing Streaming To And From Any Branch

Allowing streaming to and from any branch, large or small, urban, rural or remote at broadcast quality.

Allowing High-Quality Streaming To All Social

Allowing high-quality streaming to all social media platforms for large-scale broadcasting of religious ceremonies.

Allowing Recording And Capture Of Very High quality video

Allowing recording and capture of very high quality video and audio for editing and posting both to social media and to your institutions’ video on demand system.

Allowing High-Quality Conferencing

Allowing high-quality one-on-one and one-to-many conferencing for management and training.

Solutions for Houses of Worship


Live stream to everywhere

Live stream ultra high quality video and audio from local religious ceremonies and leaders to thousands of congregations and congregants world-wide from anywhere, at any time.



Connect multi-campuses

Stream ceremonies from primary campuses – cathedrals, central temples, central mosques –to local campuses world-wide, and connect multiple campuses for shared ceremonies.



Training & Education

Stream seminars to religious schools, universities and other learning institutions world-wide for training and education of local leaders and congregants.


Connect on Any Device

Connect on any device

Connect your congregations world-wide on any device at high bandwidth, reliably and with high security.


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