Caton Netscope

Mastering Network Performance for Seamless Streaming
Welcome to Caton Netscope, the specialised Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) solution tailored for the broadcast and media industry.

Unlike general NPMD tools, Caton Netscope is meticulously engineered for Live IP production, providing unparalleled network visibility and real-time detection for a superior, error-free streaming experience.

Key Benefits

Netscope - Unrivalled Network Insight

Unrivaled Network Insight

Empowering Proactive Network Management

Netscope - Real-time Event Analysis

Real-time Event Analysis

Precise Pinpointing of Network Failures

Netscope - Superior Compatibility

Superior Compatibility

Compatible with Any Protocol

Netscope - Support for any IP Transport Protocol

Support for Any IP Transport Protocol

Caton Netscope sets the benchmark in NPMD solutions by offering broad compatibility with a range of protocols, including SRT and RIST, along with extensive integrator support. This comprehensive compatibility ensures that Netscope can monitor any network seamlessly, delivering an unbiased, detailed network analysis. Experience true versatility and comprehensive insights with Caton Netscope.

Netscope - Root Cause Analysis (RCA) at your fingertips

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) at Your Fingertips

Our innovative tool features advanced technologies, including bidirectional detection, link tracking, and link integration analysis, providing a complete link problem analysis. This allows for effective identification and resolution of root causes of network problems, ensuring smoother, uninterrupted live IP streaming.

Netscope - Real-time multi-dimensional event analysis

Real-Time Multi-Dimensional Event Analysis

Caton Netscope revolutionises network diagnostics with its real-time multi-dimensional event analysis. By correlating system hardware resources with local and wide area network environments during events, Caton Netscope precisely pinpoints potential network points of failure. This feature not only simplifies the process of identifying the root cause of network problems but also accelerate resolution, ensuring smoother network performance and continuity.

Netscope - Efficient deployment and centralised management

Efficient Deployment and Centralised Management

Designed for ease and efficiency, Caton Netscope offers straightforward deployment and centralised management. Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and gain the ability to check your network status from anywhere, anytime.

Netscope - Smart notifications for smarter decisions

Smart Notifications for Smarter Decisions

Alarm fatigue is a thing of the past with Caton Netscope. Our solution integrates alarm classification with thresholds, alarm suppression, alarm aggregation, notification delay, and other optimisation logic to provide smarter alarms. This proactive approach to notifications enhances your network management and decision-making process.

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Netscope - Tailored Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics for Broadcast and Media

Stay Ahead with Caton Netscope: Your Partner in Perfect Streaming

With Caton Netscope, elevate your network performance and deliver an unmatched streaming experience. Navigate the complex landscape of live video streaming with confidence. Welcome to Caton NetScope, your ultimate solution for superior network performance.