Elevate Content Delivery with Caton and AWS

Leveraging AWS global infrastructure to provide high-quality connectivity with extreme reliability and lower cost.
Caton Media XStream is a managed service for real-time media content delivery. By leveraging the global AWS infrastructure, it provides on-demand anywhere-to-anywhere high-quality connectivity, delivering extreme reliability exceeding 99.9999% uptime. It achieves reliability, low latency and security by incorporating AI-powered machine learning to monitor and manage the connection at every point from source to origin, minimising latency, minimising cost, and providing agility by being quick to set up.

Characteristics and profiles of target customers:

Caton and AWS - Media

Broadcasting and Media Companies

Tailored for broadcasters and media companies seeking comprehensive solutions for content management, contribution, distribution, and monetising their video content. From video content delivery to linear channel distribution, including content rights holders and live concert streaming to theatres worldwide.

Caton and AWS - Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity Seekers

Tailored for clients aiming to establish robust and scalable cloud-based content delivery around the globe. Ideal for remote production scenarios and beyond.

Caton and AWS - Enterprises

Real-Time Connectivity for Enterprises and SMEs

Designed for corporate entities committed to exceptional communication standards. This segment avails secure and top-tier video event platforms to effectively engage with employees, customers, and stakeholders, ensuring high-quality video and real-time interactions.

Caton and AWS - Customer Approach

Customer Engagement and Delivery Approach

As a managed service offering, the process begins with a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements through preliminary communication. This insight shapes a detailed Statement of Work (SoW) with a timeline. A Proof of Concept (PoC) validation, tailored to specific needs, is often initiated for new engagements. This validation serves as a cornerstone for delivering a customized and effective solution. The SoW is then presented to the customer for approval, ensuring alignment with the overall approach.

Used by major media enterprises, Caton Media XStream is reshaping IP architectures and enhancing viewer experience through stable, high-quality video. 


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