ArkHub Data & Video Storage & Archive

A data storage and archive solution packed with all the features of major storage vendors but with a simple low-cost pricing based on storage and no additional charges for data ingress, egress, retrieval or supported region costs.

Pay per storage, no additional charges for data ingress, egress or retrieval.
feature rich
Feature rich with 99.999999999999% durability.
powered by cydex
Powered by Cydex, an industry leading technology for secure fast access anywhere in the world.
Low Cost Storage


Low cost storage,
Simple Pricing,
Workflow efficiency

ArkHub is a low cost storage service that provides secure, durable and flexible storage for data backup-archive with a simplified pricing model.

ArkHub pricing allows you to store your data at a monthly storage cost with no additional charges for ingress or egress, no early deletion / embargo fees and no region fees.

ArkHub does not discriminate between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data, With ArkHub WebConnect, you can archive and transfer data files simultaneously, bringing about improved workflow efficiency. For increased productivity, ArkHub allows you to upload single files or perform a bulk upload with no additional cost.


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No more sticker shock for hidden charges.

- MediaHub CEO Alan Sweeney

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ArkHub is a vendor backed solution utilising the Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Apollo 4000 Systems, Caton Technology Cydex secure fast file transfer system and Scality RING Scalable Storage, with complete ‘self-healing’ capabilities. These systems are used by 500M+ users worldwide with 800B+ objects in production.

Additional Benefits of ArkHub


Storage is 100% disk based (not tape based)


All clients have access to the most premium dedicated care services (customer support)

designed for

Designed for clients to self manage their own data and content 24/7

access from

Access from anywhere in the world via ubiquitous internet connections

Fastest transfer

Fastest transfer speed whilst maintaining 100% data integrity


Advanced inflight security for data in transit with physical and Layer 1 protection


Encryption using SSL for data in transit

“ArkHub underwrites our daily delivery of services to our viewer base throughout Australia.  It is a vital element in the ABC’s engagement with our very broad audience.”

- Helen Clifton, ABC's Chief Digital & Information Officer for Product & Content Technology

ArkHub Services

Archive Storage
Archive Storage

Data is synchronously stored across a minimum of 3 physical datacenters.

Archive Storage with 2nd Copy
Archive Storage with 2nd Copy

Two copies of data are synchronously stored across a minimum of 3 physical datacenters on a separate datacenter ring to the primary copy.

Flexhub Transcoding Services
Flexhub Transcoding Services

Data files can be transcoded/converted prior to data storage or any time after.

If you are a Media customer requiring more information on this feature, details can be found on MediaHub’s site. 

NAS Archiver
NAS Archiver

Identify and migrate inactive NAS data automatically and transparently to ArkHub

Powered by Cydex, an industry leading technology
for secure fast access anywhere in the world.

Cydex is an enterprise-class file transfer management platform developed by global industry experts Caton Technology. Featuring advanced user management, security and workflow automation, Cydex provides a secure and fast way for any enterprise to transfer and store files with the ease of the WebConnect interface. WebConnect users are able to securely transfer files from one location to another from anywhere in the world at guaranteed fast speeds.



Industries where archival data storage is integral to their every day work flow include:

Broadcast & Media
Broadcast & Media
Finance & Enterprise
Finance & Enterprise
Government & Legal
Government & Legal
Simple Pricing Model
  • Only Monthly Storage Cost Charged
  • No Data Ingress, Egress or Retrieval Costs
  • No Early Deletion Costs
  • No Support Costs
arkhub support
ArkHub Support
  • Dedicated Care Service
  • Remote Assistance
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Designated Engineer
  • Quarterly review and auditing
ArkHub Reliability
ArkHub Reliability
  • 14 x Nines Durability
  • 100% Availability SLA
  • Data is synchronously stored across a minimum of three physical data centers

ArkHub A Game Changing Solution for All Industries

As businesses strive to direct their data strategy, they are looking for a fast and secure solution that helps them unlock data mobility without the high costs charged by traditional vendors in the marketplace.

Listen to our speakers as they introduce ArkHub, a game changing solution for all industries that will help you drive the data strategy for your business. Have a peek under the hood of ArkHub which is a vendor backed solution utilizing Hewlett Packard Enterprise Apollo 4000 systems, Caton Technology Cydex secure fast file transfer system and Scality RING Scalable storage with complete self-healing capabilities.


Mark Strachan
Mark Strachan

Head of Product, MediaHub Australia


TJ Rangarajan
TJ Rangarajan

Enterprise Account Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Daniel Healey
Daniel Healey

Product Manager, Caton Technology



ArkHub Datasheet


ArkHub Datasheet

Low Cost Storage.
Simple Pricing.
Workflow efficiency.
ArkHub WebConnect


ArkHub WebConnect

Reliable Access Anywhere.
Accelerated Speed.
High-level of Security.

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