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Stream and publish broadcast-quality video with our powerful mobile apps

Turn any mobile device into a live streaming powerhouse

Mobile devices have changed all aspects of life: and video streaming is no exception. While high-quality live streaming used to require expensive and complex hardware, now all you need to achieve broadcast-level streaming is your trusty mobile device and one of our powerful mobile live streaming apps.

The application for such technology is endless: from news reporters and journalists out in the field, to lecturers connecting with remote students, and so much more. With Caton mobile live streaming apps, you immediately have access to a reliable, cost-effective broadcast solution from anywhere in the world.

Caton Publisher

Caton Publisher

Caton Publisher is a free-to-download mobile app that enables users to publish broadcast-quality HD and UHD video from anywhere.

Caton Player

Caton Player

Caton Player is a free-to-download mobile app that enables users to view and monitor live streams with ease.

Streaming excellence to the world has never been easier.

Powered by CTP for superior video transmission

Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise our flagship IP transmission technologies that assure stability, quality, and security for video, media, and other data transmissions. With over 30 built-in algorithms, CTP leverages deep learning to ensure smooth streams and to mitigate network challenges. This is coupled with patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

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