Whether you are broadcasting news, cinema, eSports or variety shows, Caton Technology has the technology and expertise to meet your broadcasting needs.

Our fully managed end-to-end solution is able to deliver live video and data in the highest quality, reliability and ultra-low latency over any IP network with over 99.9999% SLA, while reducing cost. 


encoders & decoders
Caton Prime

Powerful switchable encoder and decoder designed for ultra-high quality HEVC 4K UHD video. Ideal for 24-hour mission-critical live broadcasts, sports and events.


encoders & decoders
Caton Live

Portable switchable encoder and decoder designed for AVC HD video. Ideal for Live events, ProAV and social media publishing.


encoders & decoders
Caton Live 4K Decoder

Ultra-portable and high-performance decoder designed for HEVC 4K UHD video. Ideal for 24-hour broadcast.

Caton IVP-3000

encoders & decoders

Fully customisable and compact broadcast platform with 6 modular slots. Ideal for 24-hour operation.


Caton Xchange

Complete IP conversion and transmission appliance with built-in transport stream analysis and recording. Ideal for 24-hour broadcast and satellite.