CatonNet Webinar - 26 May 2022

As the technology advances, we witness the explosive growth in demand for internet bandwidth and increased requirements for low latency video and data transmission over IP networks. 

Watch CatonNet Webinar 26 May 2022

CatonNet Webinar

Watch our latest CatonNet Webinar, where our Head of CatonNet, Daniel Healey, share the solutions to meet the new business needs and stand out from your competitors.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to transmit and receive 4K and 8K video in the highest quality, lowest latency and securely over the open internet.
  • How to scale and distribute your content regionally and globally. 
  • How to achieve end-to-end Managed Services with up to 99.999% stream availability.
  • How you can enjoy all the above and achieve significant cost savings as compared to traditional network services.

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Caton Technology is an industry leader in next-generation IP network transport solutions. Powered by technology and driven to innovate, we improve how businesses around the world and across multiple industries stream live media in the highest quality, distribute video and move data over any IP network faster and more securely enabling new deployment possibilities while reducing costs. For more information, please visit


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