Caton and Grass Valley AMPPlify live broadcasting over the internet

Watch the Webinar-On-Demand where Caton introduces a new and completely innovative multipath technology. 

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Caton Technology Webinar

Powered by superior Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we will demonstrate how you can eliminate the limitations of the internet and release the full, guaranteed bandwidth of the IP transmissions without adding complexity or latency.

Multipath, now available on the CatonNet Video Platform (CVP) and is already receiving the full attention of broadcasters and streamers, who realize that this technology provides the confidence to deliver exceptional video quality while using inexpensive business broadband and 5G, and at the same time achieving increased resiliency, flexibility, security and cost savings.

As a Grass Valley Media Universe Alliance member, multipathing on CVP is now readily available on Grass Valley’s agile production and distribution platform named AMPP. Evan Boyd, Director of Sales Engineering APAC, Grass Valley, joins this session to introduce the AMPP alliance, the actions Grass Valley is taking to expand this ecosystem to cater to the evolving needs of the broadcasting industry, and the business benefits of the AMPP-enabled ecosystem.

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