LCP-300 Mobile Encoder

Fast, convenient, and reliable live broadcast solution

Achieve professional video broadcast over the Internet

LCP-300 is a portable encoding device with 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi transmission. Using our groundbreaking CTP transmission technology, the device can achieve excellent quality, value and efficiency for mobile live broadcasting.

With its advanced transmission bonding capability, LCP-300 can fully leverage multiple 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi connections, making it a stable and reliable solution for mobile transmission of video and audio content.


LCP-300 Mobile Encoder


  • High quality Advanced Video Codec
  • Remote control using APK or Web App
  • 3G/4G/WiFi Hybrid bonding transmission
  • HD video transmission & recording
  • HD-SD HDMI/CVBS A/V Support 
  • Built-in Cydex Fast File Transfer Client

Key Features


Designed for outdoor environments
Designed for outdoor environments: 

Portable and lightweight design with V-mount that can attach to camera or tripod.

Quality Encoding
Broadcast Quality Encoding: 

Up to 1080p H.264 encoding with broadcast-quality transmissions and two different encoding outputs.

Security for Digital Assets
Security for Your Digital Assets: 

Files encrypted with industry standard AES-256 during the transfer process and only designated receiver(s) can decrypt them.

Fast file transfer
Fast file transfer:

Built-in file transfer technology that performs hundreds of times faster than FTP.

Easy control: 

Control and monitor using the front panel, web browser or mobile devices, over Wi-Fi.


Powered by CTP for superior video transmission

Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise of our IP transmission technologies that assures stability, quality, and security for video, media, and other data transmissions. With over 30 in-built algorithms, CTP leverages machine and deep learning approaches that work to smooth and mitigate network challenges. This is coupled with our patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

Contact a Caton specialist to learn how you can leverage CTP in your organization.

LCP-300 in action

Mobile Live Streaming

Create content using your mobile, to publish anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming
Outdoor Broadcast

Enjoy the freedom to broadcast high quality video from outdoor locations — perfect for streaming live sports events,

Outdoor Broadcast
Remote Production

Contribute and deliver a synchronized signal to a station MCR or studio for high quality video production.

Remote Production - updated-01

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