Caton Caster

Our feature-rich integrated receiver and decoder

The Caton Caster is a professional integrated receiver and decoder that’s perfect for distribution, monitoring, digital-turnaround, digital signage, hospitality and enterprise video delivery. The device supports decoding of 4K, HD and SD video, encoded as HEVC, AVC or MPEG2, as well as up to four pairs of audio services.

Caton Caster’s feature and output formats are upgradable in a modular or license form, so the receiver can adapt as your needs evolve. Caton Caster is the ideal choice for contribution reception or demanding distribution applications that require future-proof specifications.


Caton Caster

Caton Caster

4k 1080p-1 SD
422 ACC-1 Teletext
420-1 8ch CC

Key Features

  • Supports UHD, HD and SD video formats
  • Industry standard Codec up to HEVC to provide the highest quality decoding
  • Supports dual-input and automatic failover


  • Broadcast-quality video and audio, up to 4:2:2 sample rate and 8 channels of audio
  • Supports ancillary data, such as teletext and closed captions
  • SNMP and auto switching between preset inputs


Powered by CTP for superior video transmission

Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise of our IP transmission technologies that assures stability, quality, and security for video, media, and other data transmissions. With over 30 in-built algorithms, CTP leverages machine and deep learning approaches that work to smooth and mitigate network challenges. This is coupled with our patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

Contact a Caton specialist to learn how you can leverage CTP in your organization.

Caton Caster in Action

Mobile Live Streaming & Live Interviews

Create content using your mobile, to publish anywhere in the world or create interview content using a camera, with professional broadcast-grade live publishing to anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming
Outdoor Broadcast

Enjoy the freedom to broadcast high quality video from outdoor locations — perfect for streaming live sports events,

Outdoor Broadcast
Remote Production

Contribute and deliver a synchronized signal to a station MCR or studio for high quality video production.

Remote Production
Hybrid Distribution

Deliver a high quality video signal anywhere with internet access.

Hybrid Distribution

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