Caton NDI Gateway

Distribute NDI Sources Over the Internet
Caton NDI Gateway - Distribute NDI Sources Over the Internet

Harness the full power of NDI, from anywhere

Caton NDI Gateway enables NDI users at different locations to send their locally produced NDI output over the internet. As a result, staff working from home and partners alike can collaborate and work efficiently anywhere. Powered by Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) and CatonNet Video Platform (CVP), the Caton NDI Gateway works by converting the NDI signal into a transport stream (TS) and distributing it over the internet in an optimised manner. Furthermore, the TS file received can also be converted to NDI signal for further collaborated production with its unique dual-way conversion ability.

Caton NDI Gateway reduces complexity, cost and latency across long-distance NDI transmissions. It is a hassle-free software that is easy to set up and manage. At the same time, you can enjoy peace of mind with the fortified transmission architecture for the utmost security.

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Breaking-Through Traditional NDI Limitations

Caton NDI - Gateway - Breaking Through NDI Limitations


Local production on LAN has greatly benefited from the invention of NDI that empowers its users with high quality video, ability to work with a mix of media, and even SDI replacement. Designed for LAN deployment, the bitrate output of NDI is high, going up to 400mbps for 4K video, hence not ideal for delivery over the internet. Its native TCP protocol is prone to long distance latencies, due to its acknowledgement- based (ACK) nature, further limiting NDI benefits to be extended beyond LAN.

Caton NDI Gateway unlocks the full potential of NDI by enabling NDI transmission over WAN, allowing even remote workforce to collaborate seamlessly with locally deployed NDI setups.

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Caton NDI Gateway

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Caton NDI Gateway - Bidirectional conversion over the internet
Bi-directional conversion for NDI intake and output over the internet
Caton NDI Gateway - High-quality AVC/HEVC conversion up to 50Mbps
High-quality AVC/HEVC conversion up to 50Mbps
Caton NDI Gateway - Enables remote collaboration and enhances workflows
Enables remote collaboration and enhances workflows
Caton NDI Gateway - Plug and play software based solution
Plug and play software-based solution

Key Features


  • Auto-discovery of other NDI setups
  • Dual-way conversion for seamless send and receipt of NDI signal
  • Maximised reach with and multi-protocol support on CatonNet Video Platform
  • Hassle free software-based deployment
  • Fortified transmission architecture for utmost security
  • Powered by Caton Transport Protocols for optimised and reliable transmission


Powered by CTP for superior video transmission

Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) comprise of our IP transmission technologies that assures stability, quality, and security for video, media, and other data transmissions. With over 30 in-built algorithms, CTP leverages machine and deep learning approaches that work to smooth and mitigate network challenges. This is coupled with our patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

With our Gateway application, CTP facilitate reliable cross-border and cross-continent contribution and distribution. 

Contact a Caton specialist to learn how you can leverage CTP in your organization.

Common Applications of the Caton NDI Gateway

Remote Production

Distributing an NDI signal like an NDI camera over the internet to a Remote Production Station.

NDI - remote production
Remote Post-Production

Distributing Post-Production NDI signal over the internet directly to Viewing Platform.

NDI - Remote Post production
Direct Mobile Feed to NDI

Distributing a mobile feed from a device like Caton Publisher over the internet and output as an NDI signal.

NDI - Mobile feed to NDI
NDI to remote baseband

Distributing NDI signal from a Production Station over the internet to a remote baseband. 

NDI - NDI to remote baseband

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