A Triple Crown Achievement: Prestigious Accolades Validate Caton’s Industry-leading Innovations in IP Content Delivery

Singapore, 27 June 2023 – Caton Technology, a leader in IP network transport solutions, takes great pride in announcing a series of recognitions for its revolutionary strides in IP network transmission. Between May 15 and June 8, the company was graced with three notable awards, reinforcing its commitment to the progression of the industry and continuous innovation in IP content delivery.

Caton - 3 Accolades
SBR Awards
SBR Awards
APB Award Trophy
APB Awards

The first acknowledgement was the Shanghai Technology Award 2023 for its demonstrated proficiency in IP transmission, exemplified in the project titled “Key Technologies and Systems for Content-adaptive Multimedia Real-time Transmission in Heterogeneous Hybrid Networks”. This was succeeded by the Connectivity – Media & Entertainment Award from the Singapore Business Review and the much-coveted Excellence Award for Sports Broadcasting at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Awards 2023

The backbone of Caton Technology, the Caton Cloud, harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver a revolutionary, systematic IP transmission solution. The platform outperforms conventional leased lines in terms of Service Level Agreements (SLA), offering a level of service that effectively manages the unpredictable aspects of the public internet, providing high reliability and low-latency solutions. 

The Caton Cloud platform allows businesses to experience faster, better and more valuable solutions, maximising the return on investment for customers by utilising the distributed architecture of the public internet. Caton’s Media XStream, a global content delivery service, exceeds 99.9999% reliability, breaking the barriers of standard IP transmission services.

An unwavering dedication to its customers accompanies Caton Technology’s commitment to innovation and ongoing evolution. The company’s continuous R&D, groundbreaking IP network solutions, and global reach reinforce its leadership position within the industry.

“Choosing Caton means tapping into unprecedented speed, performance, and reliability all at an unbeatable price point. All these are powered by a perpetually evolving AI-driven infrastructure,” says Caton’s CEO, Ray Huang.

The recent recognitions from the Shanghai Technology Award 2023, Singapore Business Review, and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ underscore Caton Technology’s pledge to supply inventive solutions and deliver unmatched value to its clients. When confronted with a choice between quality, cost, or performance, Caton Technology emerges as the unequivocal choice – offering all three.

About Caton Technology

Caton Technology is an industry leader in next-generation IP network transport solutions. Powered by technology and driven to innovate, we improve how businesses around the world and across multiple industries stream live media in the highest quality, distribute video and move data over any IP network, faster and more securely, enabling new deployment possibilities while reducing costs.

Headquartered in Singapore, with regional offices in Beijing, California, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo, Caton Technology is poised to connect the world with high-quality real-time interactions between people, things and everywhere in between. The best connections are created with Caton. For more information, please visit www.catontechnology.com

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