Caton Technology extends Arkhub to its Global Network of Partners


Caton Technology (Asia) Limited, a pioneer in next-generation IP network transport solutions announced today that it has entered a master distributor agreement with MediaHub Australia to extend its ArkHub service. ArkHub is a multi-industry low-cost storage service that provides secure, durable and flexible storage for data archival and file transfers with a simplified pricing model. Caton Technology is pleased to extend this game changing solution to its network of partners and customers around the world.

The ArkHub service targets multiple industries faced with the rising need for data transfer and archival storage services. Traditionally, enterprises are offered storage archival services from major vendors that levy additional charges on ingress and egress, support and region fees.  With the increasing need for remote work, the traditional pricing model can result in high hidden charges and thus resulting in a ‘bill shock’ for enterprises that engage in transferring data as part of their regular work processes. With ArkHub, these enterprises are able to break away from traditional services and move towards an offering that provides a fixed cost per gigabyte with no additional charges for ingress or egress activities; hence removing the ‘bill shock’ effect at the end of each month. 

“MediaHub Australia and Caton Technology have been working together for a number of years, progressively expanding our collaboration,” said Alan Sweeney, CEO of MediaHub Australia. “This is now the next major step forward in our partnership and I am confident that Caton Technology is the right partner to help us bring MediaHub and ArkHub to the worldwide stage.”

“This master distributor engagement that Caton Technology has established with MediaHub Australia is a testament to the strengthening partnership between the two companies,” said Gerald Wong, senior vice president, global operations of Caton Technology. “Caton firmly believes that the data and archive storage solution that the ArkHub service brings to multiple industries will benefit partners, enterprises and end-users across the globe.”

ArkHub is a vendor backed solution utilizing Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Apollo 4000 Systems, Caton Technology’s Cydex secure fast file transfer system and Scality’s RING Scalable Storage, with complete ‘self-healing’ capabilities. The Cydex solution enables fast and secure data transfer from one location to anywhere in the world whilst maintaining 100% data integrity. Connecting to ArkHub is easily done via the public internet using a secure encrypted and accelerated web access portal - ArkHub WebConnect. With Cydex, users are able to archive and transfer files simultaneously from anywhere, bringing about enhanced workflow efficiency. 

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