Caton NDI Gateway enables cross network collaboration

Share high quality content over the internet without compromise

Singapore, 22 June 2022: Recognising the wide acceptance and use of NDI as a practical solution for transmitting video over IP, Caton Technology, a pioneer in next-generation IP network transport solutions, offers a powerful new software application for collaborative and remote workflows. The Caton NDI Gateway is a vital contribution to the NDI ecosystem, allowing users to move and share high resolution files far beyond their local network, simply and intuitively.


This powerful software-based connectivity platform uses unique algorithms and AI-enhanced forward error correction to provide high bandwidth-efficiency and secure delivery. Powered by Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) and CatonNet Video Platform (CVP), Caton NDI Gateway eliminates reliance on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), providing a practical means to transmit NDI output over typical internet connections.

Caton NDI Gateway provides bi-directional operation, so a single user can both send and receive high quality NDI signals. The simple user interface makes it easy to transmit from NDI sources or auto-discover NDI output sources, and set the transmit and receive parameters for the CTP transport stream at up to 50 Mb/s.

Illustrating the capabilities, Caton recently demonstrated the Caton NDI Gateway in a typical remote production configuration with a BirdDog P400 PTZ camera. The camera was positioned in Caton’s Hong Kong office and connected to a Mac Mini M1 running the Caton NDI Gateway software. The NDI stream was then transmitted to Caton’s CVP Hong Kong point of presence (PoP), and from there to the Singapore PoP and on to the Caton office in Singapore, where another Mac decoded the stream and output NDI for local viewing.

Utlising CVP to transmit NDI streams enables greater flexibility and scalability for operators needs, be it Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid or CatonNet-as-a-Service.  

“The P400 is designed for broadcast and professional video applications, with all the quality and functionality you need in a compact form factor,” said Eamon Drew, Chief Marketing Officer at BirdDog. “With a full NDI output at up to 4k resolution, we see Caton’s NDI Gateway and video streaming platforms as an ideal solution for maintaining quality and ensuring secure, low latency distribution.”

“NDI is a very popular solution for video networking, even up to 4k Ultra HD resolution, like the remarkable BirdDog P400” said Gerald Wong, senior vice president, global operations, Caton Technology. “Caton NDI Gateway fully realises the goal of free-flowing video beyond the LAN, effectively reducing latency across NDI transmissions. It is exactly the solution that NDI users need to create efficient and cost-effective NDI workflows for remote operations.”

Caton NDI Gateway is available now, with license usage, for MacOS and can be downloaded from the Caton website.


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