4 Key Criteria when choosing a Large File Transfer Provider

4 Essential Criteria When Choosing a Large File Transfer Provider

In today’s business environment, data is an incredibly valuable resource. As with any other item of value, data is often the target of opportunistic criminals. This is why data security is an essential consideration for every modern organization; after all, the Big Data Security Market is projected to grow 94% between 2021 and 2028: from 18.2 billion USD to 35.4 billion US.

Data is particularly vulnerable when in transit, much in the same way cash and jewelry are often targeted when being transported from one location to another. When data is being transferred, multiple parties and applications are involved in the process. Each new person and tool is a potential entry point for bad actors, which significantly multiplies the risk of a data breach.

This security element is one of the reasons large file transfer providers need to be scrutinized so thoroughly. Not only do you need to protect your data in transit, you also want a great service. In this article, we’ll share four key criteria to guide your search for a large file transfer provider.

  1. Robust security

It should come as no surprise that security is top of our list. No matter how many features your large file transfer provider offers, they are worth little if the underlying technology is not secure. The ramifications of a security mishap can be vast — especially at an enterprise scale. When considering file transfer providers, make sure to choose one that has multi-layer security controls implemented, while providing comprehensive visibility to the events and activities happening on the systems. End-to-end encryption is essential across all levels of data transfer, from individual packets to data streams and control commands.

  1. Scalability

The file transfer solution your business needs today might not be the same one it needs one, five, or even ten years from now. The quantity and size of transferred files depend on a range of ever-changing factors, such as your clients and markets served, along with your global office network and remote employees. To navigate future uncertainty, choose a file transfer provider that can scale up or down to fit your exact needs. A great solution will support large file transfers with no file size or type limitation, and should work equally well for transferring small text files, as it does for huge 8K video files.

  1. Speed

The speed with which files are transferred has significant implications for your wider business. If key stakeholders need to wait hours or days for a very large file to transfer between servers, this creates an expensive and frustrating bottleneck. This is why your file transfer provider should deliver competitive transfer speeds that empower, not restrict, your business operations. Look for a file transfer solution, like Cydex, that optimizes CPU and bandwidth performance to maximize speed without compromising on security.

  1. Compliance

The best file transfer solutions will offer features that make it easy to monitor, track, and control all data movement. This can assist with an organization’s audit and compliance activities, as it’s simple to extract the data you need, when you need it. Look for a solution that provides active alerts, comprehensive file movement logs, and a log-in audit trail. 

Enjoy enterprise-class file transfer, powered by Caton

Cydex is a feature-rich and easy-to-use data transfer solution with advanced API flexibility that excels in all of the criteria outlined above, with transfer speeds significantly faster than traditional solutions on even the most demanding networks.

Cydex supports large file transfers with no file size or type limitation. And with multi-layer security and monitoring, with a closed account system and end-to-end encryption, there’s no compromising on security. As the platform is based on the Caton Transfer Protocols (CTP), clients can benefit from accelerated transmission speeds that are significantly faster than traditional solutions.

Click here to learn more about Cydex, or contact a member of the Caton team to discuss your exact needs.

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