Advancing IP Delivery: Caton Media XStream debuts at SET SUL Event in Paraná

SET (Brazilian Society of Television Engineers) events are a beacon for the broadcasting market, illuminating the path to emerging technologies and strategies. The recent gathering in Paraná upheld this tradition focusing on the future of cloud-based IP delivery systems in broadcasting. 

In this thought-provoking environment, Ilson Brancaleoni Junior, pre-sales engineer from Caton Technology's distributor, Seal Telecom, took centre stage. With a keen focus on the Latin American markets, he unpacked the benefits of Caton's cutting-edge solutions for broadcasters ready to embrace the public internet confidently. 


Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) and the Media XStream platform were under the spotlight. Powered by artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning, these platforms offer stable content contribution via public internet ensuring low latency and robust performance. The importance of these characteristics for successful IP delivery in the broadcasting industry cannot be overstated. 

Caton's technology is not only scalable and cost-effective, but also benefits from a broad global footprint, This global infrastructure guarantees content availability, a cornerstone for successful IP delivery, regardless of the broadcaster's location.

Ilson emphasised that transitioning to cloud-based IP delivery isn't simply about replicating physical operations in a cloud environment. It's about seizing the unique opportunities offered by the cloud, leveraging its flexibility and scalability. Caton's turn-key solutions equip broadcasters to not merely adapt to this new era but to excel in it. 

The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the readiness of the Latin American broadcasting market to innovate and embrace these exciting cloud-based solutions. 

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SET's events continue to shape the broadcasting landscape in the different regions they touch, and this meeting in Paraná was no different. Caton Technology has solidified its role as a key player in the shift to cloud-based IP delivery systems, particularly in Latin America. Their solutions are redefining norms and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in broadcasting. We are excited to see how Caton's innovations will continue to shape the future of IP delivery in broadcasting!

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