How To Keep Critical Streams Flowing During Major Internet Disruptions

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Staying Resilient During Major Internet Disruptions

Taiwan's recent earthquakes highlighted the vulnerability of businesses reliant on internet connectivity. Broadcasters and media owners faced major disruptions, demonstrating the critical need for robust network infrastructure. However, Caton Media XStream emerged as a reliable partner for our valued customer, Chinese Television System (CTS). Despite widespread internet outages, CTS maintained a remarkable 100% uptime for their critical MLB streaming service, thanks to Caton Media's innovative solutions.

Proactive Solutions Ensure Uninterrupted Service

Caton Media takes a proactive approach to network management, empowering broadcasters like CTS to achieve unparalleled resilience. We go beyond simply recommending redundant links. Our unique value lies in the in-depth network visibility provided by Netscope. This powerful tool allows us to analyse potential paths and identify truly disjoint connections comprehensively.

With this critical information, we can ensure CTS avoids single points of failure. Our AI-powered smart routing then leverages this visibility to seamlessly redirect traffic in real-time. This proactive approach was instrumental during the Taiwan earthquakes, as demonstrated when a single Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) line encountered issues. Caton Media's solutions ensured CTS's MLB stream remained uninterrupted despite widespread disruption.

Beyond Immediate Recovery: Proactive Network Management

Caton's solutions empower broadcasters and media owners to go beyond just reacting to outages. Our integrated Network Management System (NMS) and Netscope provide powerful tools for proactive network management:

Netscope - Network PathDiagram 1 – Advanced path visualisation

  • Real-time network performance monitoring is a cornerstone of Caton's solutions. This allows customers to identify potential bottlenecks and performance issues before they escalate into outages. By proactively addressing these issues, broadcasters can ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

  • Advanced path visualisation capabilities depict network paths, enabling customers to proactively identify problem areas and faulty nodes. This true network visibility empowers CTS to not only troubleshoot their own network but also assist CHT in pinpointing issues within their infrastructure, expediting the overall recovery process. 

  • In-depth analysis of all path links empowers informed decision-making when choosing ISPs. This crucial information helps ensure redundant connections utilise truly separate paths, eliminating single points of failure and maximising network resilience.

Unparalleled Network Resilience: Guaranteeing Business Continuity

The recent events in Taiwan underscore the strategic importance of reliable network infrastructure for business continuity. Caton Media XStream, with its intelligent AI traffic management and advanced network monitoring capabilities, equips broadcasters to maintain critical operations even during unforeseen circumstances. By partnering with Caton, broadcasters and media owners can achieve unparalleled network resilience and guarantee uninterrupted service delivery, fostering a sense of preparedness and ensuring their content reaches audiences reliably, regardless of external disruptions.

Contact us today and discover how Caton can help you achieve resiliency for your broadcasting needs. 

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