Taiwan cable TV operator delivers content to customers using Caton

Caton Technology is providing a distribution platform for one of Taiwan’s largest cable television operators. The system, built on the CatonNet Video Platform (CVP), will serve the operators’ premium customers such as hotels with a full multi-channel television service at a uniformly high quality.

The cable television operator offers a network, which includes a large number of channels including sports, entertainment and news. It wanted to find an improved way to present it to key commercial users like hotels in and around Taipei, which see a strong television service as central to their service proposition. While some hotels are on the operators’ cable or broadband networks, others are not, and the company was keen to ensure a consistent, high quality service to its users in every hotel room.

It opened a competitive tendering process, as part of which Caton provided a proof of concept demonstration, using CVP, a turnkey solution for door-to-door delivery of video signals. CVP uses the Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), a bespoke technology using advanced techniques in forward error correction and tailored to video to guarantee high performance and stability.

To provide for the end users in hotels and other buildings, the project also included Caton Player. This is a mobile streaming application designed specifically for presenting high quality content via hardware such as Apple TV. Caton Player also ensures continuity of service through an auto-failover function should there be any interruption on the sender’s side.

Gerald Wong, Senior Vice President, Global Operations of Caton Technology explained “CVP is a complete delivery environment which can be tuned to each specific user’s requirements. That includes supporting multiple codecs and bitrates to optimise quality levels, providing redundant path distribution, and security to AES-256 if needed. We are delighted that we could meet the very specific expectations of the operator and look forward to continuing to work with the company.”


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