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USP, Brazil

Caton Technology is to work closely with the University of São Paulo, the largest university in Brazil and a leader in South America. The partnership will see Caton supplying both hardware and software to help the university open up some significant projects.

The memorandum of understanding between Caton and the university sets out the aims of academic co-operation. Not only will Caton supply hardware and software services (including ArkHub large-scale archiving as well as communications) but it will work with the students and academics to develop rounded solutions.

Central to the collaboration is that projects should have a strong social purpose as well as developing new solutions. A typical goal of the partnership is to provide medical assistance via telemedicine to patients that do not have local medical facilities. Leading the work are Professor Jose Reinaldo Silva from the school of engineering (who has overall responsibility for all the collaboration) and Professor Chao Lung Wen of the faculty of medicine at São Paulo University.

Brazil is geographically a huge country, and many of the more remote areas are also some of the poorest. Providing good healthcare to these communities is a challenge. Using Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), the university will set up video clinics, which will teach trainee doctors to review symptoms remotely, as well as help patients.

The challenge, of course, is that these remote areas are not well served by the internet as well as by clinics. That is where Caton comes in, by delivering high quality video links even over poor quality internet connections. As broadband availability increases in future, including the rollout of 5G cellular, so the country’s health services will be able to expand the offering still further.

Bringing telemedicine to these remote communities is a cultural challenge as well as a technical one. The hope is that young people – who tend to be much more tech-savvy – will encourage their parents and grandparents to seek medical help.

Another part of the initiative is a fleet of buses, converted to become mobile clinics. Again, by providing high quality connectivity back to the host medical facility, patients can be diagnosed with greater certainty.

Professor Silva is a physicist who has developed special interests in systems design and automation. He has worked in the part on a number of industrial projects and is a primary driver of commercial collaborations in the University of São Paulo.

“We are all excited about the potential of working with Caton Technology,” he said. “It will encourage inter-disciplinary teams to develop new solutions to a wide range of challenges. We could look at using smart home technology to help vulnerable people lead independent lives.

“The support of Caton is a huge boost to our teaching and our research,” Professor Silva added. “Now we have our formal agreement in place, the opportunities for secure, high-quality communications will fire the imaginations and ambitions of our students.”

Gerald Wong, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Caton Technology concluded, "We have a strong focus to provide better solutions for healthcare professionals around the world, so we are really proud to be collaborating with the University of São Paulo. Our expertise in using the open internet to deliver live video, combined with the research conducted by the University will dramatically enhance the quality of remote medical diagnosis surgery, and enrich the lives of those living in the most remote areas."

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