TVB Europe Magazine Spotlight: Revolutionizing Content Delivery with AI

In TVB Europe Magazine's October/November 2023 issue, an article featuring Michael Yang, SVP of Corporate Development at Caton Technology, explores the game-changing impact of AI on content delivery. IBC 2023 highlighted AI as the talk of the town, with scalability being the key theme. Today, we deliver more content to diverse audiences across numerous platforms, bridging global gaps.

TVB Europe Magazine - Caton

The Challenge: The internet, though easily available, is notoriously unreliable. Frequent network failures pose challenges for seamless content delivery, especially for live events and remote productions.

AI and Machine Learning: This is where AI and machine learning come into play. AI can navigate the ever-changing internet landscape, identify optimal connection paths, and switch to alternate routes quickly when issues arise, ensuring minimal disruption.

Caton Media XStream: Caton Technology's solution, Caton Media XStream, stands as a game-changer. It delivers signals from event encoders over the public internet through a managed network, achieving six nines reliability for live UHD and beyond.

The Power of Practical AI: AI can create a highly reliable delivery path, ensuring content reaches its destination with minimal errors, jitter, delay, and cost.

Read the full article on TVB Europe Magazine Issue 101. The future of content delivery is here, and Caton Technology is leading the way with practical AI applications.

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